Less than one week ago, West Elm Fenway asked me to collaborate with them for their "Drink + Clink" workshop / class being hosted by each of their locations. First off, "Yes!". However as most of you know, DIY is not really on brand. And the idea of workshop didn't feel quite like the best way I could help people. I like to pull my ideas together, curate and source the right product and then create an event that's thoughtful, authentic, and unique.


So after a few pages of ideas and reaching out to a trusted group of friends asking them "what would you want to learn from me?", I pitched a fun, casual and interactive experience that would look and feel like a gathering that you might want to put together yourself for the holidays! Friendsgiving Brunch! 

With the holiday season always being crazy with family and travel, your gathering doesn't need to be an elaborate feast with a fancy menu and all the fixin's! Although I love turkey and stuffing the reality is that there is not always time but that shouldn't stop you from gathering with friends and family. Instead, it can be a simple and enjoyable brunch on a weekend focused around what's really important—what you are most thankful for! 

So for all of those that wish to know "How do I host a holiday gathering that feels personalized but not over done?", and "How do I entertain in a small space?" or "How do I set a festive table and where do I begin?", I hope you'll joint me (and some amazing creative partners!) this Saturday, at West Elm Fenway from 10 to 12pm. Mingle, enjoy and feel free to ask me anything!

xo K