Finding the perfect fit.

As I am sure you have seen or read by now, Jake and I got engaged in the middle of the summer under the biggest full moon of July. And although the summer season will be turning a new leaf next month, I'm feeling like we are just getting started in our wedding planning journey!

I've seen almost all of my girlfriends, my twin brothers, cousins and second cousins wed; was a bridesmaid in most of their weddings; and designing events like weddings is my specialty, so you'd think that I'd be completely comfortable with planning my own wedding but in actuality I'm feeling a little pressure. And although I know I can, and our vision will be executed just how we image, the idea of making final decisions about my own wedding is a brand new challenge. It's only been a couple months but with Jake killing it at RunKeeper and Bash busy with client events, we've only gotten so far as a notebook of ideas, potential venues and things we know we want.

I have managed to squeeze in a couple dress appointments . . . And this is the part I've always looked forward to the most! Ok, maybe I'm steering away from the task of finding the perfect venue! I've worn many bridesmaid dresses but never a gown.

My narrowed down stack of dresses at l'elite. . .

My narrowed down stack of dresses at l'elite. . .

My first appointment was at l'elite on Newbury Street. I slip into some amazing, modern, couture gowns. Oscar? Yes. Monique Lhuillier? Definitely. Amsale? Gorgeous. Naeem Khan? I wish! (I did try a Naeem Khan but I had to take it off before I slipped into a trance!) But what made my first dress appointment so memorable were not only the first wedding dresses I got to try, but being there with my very first loves of my life—my parents. When I asked Betty and Kent to join me, I didn't know what to expect but I knew I wanted to share this experience with them. My dad probably won't attend too many more dress appointments so this was just one of the ways I wanted to include him. Turns out he had an option! He beamed at the ones he loved (white, not cream, some lace, a full skirt—could you guess?) and proceeded to be on his phone when I was in the ones I loved the most! And of course, my mom was the supportive mutual party :) She loved almost all of them! Regardless of the dresses, it was so fun and very special but my dad's sneaky iPhone picks are all I have.

So, I am beyond grateful to have my friend, neighbor and photographer Li Ward of Fat Orange Cat Studio, for documenting my second dress fitting shared with my just mom. It was a rainy day, and the three of us jumped in an Uber and skipped over puddles to Flair. I shared my tear sheets and vision for my dress with Stacy and she dressed me in some gorgeous, most romantic gowns . . . We clipped, tied, buttoned, spun and laughed! And although the dress will remain a secret until the big day, the big day is only one day. The journey of getting there is made up of millions of moments like these and I couldn't ask for anything more than having my mom by my side through it all. 

Li is not only a rare talent behind the lens, but she also brought a sense of calmness, laughter and sweetest to this very special moment. By documenting the different aspects of the wedding planning process, which we both agree is just as special as the big day, you can have these moments forever. And since engagement photos aren't our thing, this is perfect. A brilliant idea by Li and I can't wait to share more with you.

Thank you Li, you are a gem.


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And stay tuned for more. . .

x K

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