Jake and I are thrilled that over the weekend we booked our photographer! Meet Jacob and Annie from Brumley & Wells hailing from Durango, Colorado!

I never thought I'd ever work with a photographer 2,222 miles away but after exchanging a few emails, a couple early morning Skype sessions, and meeting his pet dove (how cool is that?!) we feel totally confident that Jacob and Annie will capture our wedding and leave us with new memories of our day.

It's hard not to fall in love with is work. And many of the other photographers we loved (and still do!) are amazing too. What helped us make our decision was his enthusiasm and passion for his trade—something Jake and I relate to well. Just from our short time of getting to know one another, we can tell Jacob is willing, inspired and kind. We can't wait to meet his wife!

Here are some of our favorite shots from his portfolio.

Thank you Jacob.

Feel grateful & inspired,