THANK YOU x 1000!

I started my journey with this in mind, "small victories lead you to your ultimate goal". The famous words of Jake.

936 . . . 978 . . . 996 . . .  Then today I woke up like it was Christmas morning . . . 1,000 followers on Instagram! A nice little victory for Bash!

I think Instagram has become a visual diary allowing you to share your perspective to the entire world through the lens of your iphone. Not knowing who will like or be inspired by what I do, I try to post with authenticity and from my heart. And if I'm lucky, my snap shots are inspiring to those who are looking in. But like an open book, Instagram also makes you open to judgement. It easy to compare your photos and story with others. I just try to remind myself, I would never compare the pages of my diary with anyone else's so why should I do the same with Instagram? 

It's about creative minds, dreamers and believers that inspire one another. Thank you to all of those who make space in their crowded feed to follow my journey. 

x K