When you go off on your own, the support of your family and friends is essential but there are countless challenges only other start-up entrepreneurs can relate to. Contributing writer for The Boston Day Book and the girl behind Pop & Circumstance, Becky Brackett, and I found ourselves sharing our own #creativeentrepreneur moment. I reached out to Becky to see if she wanted to collaborate with me on our Scotch Night at the W Hotel and before we even had a chance to meet, we were bouncing ideas back and forth while she was abroad. Her enthusiasm and generosity was a breathe of fresh air.

Like many of us in the early stages of making the "leap", Becky is currently juggling a full-time gig and her dream, Pop & Circumstance, a blog and online vintage shop. Whether you are straddling two jobs (her), or have fully committed to the road less traveled (me), you realize you are not alone. Becky and I were committed to experiencing this opportunity together and to helping one another. The result was a beautifully-styled Scotch Night and a support system.

I've always believed that there is a lot of incredible talent and wealth of knowledge that should be shared. So, I was humbled when Becky asked me to share my story with her and The Boston Day Book in hopes to inspire anyone thinking about making the most rewarding move. The online girls guide to Boston life by Laura Chassaigne and Natalie Chassaigne Kurtzman, not only shares the trendiest in our city, but the stories of tastemakers and their rewarding moments. Thank you for letting me share mine!

Check out our Boston Day Book feature below!

You will never know unless you give yourself the chance. To being brave and overwhelmingly grateful,


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