Rainy Day Wednesday . . . I sat up in bed this morning not quite ready to get my day started (that should be allowed, right?!) so I cracked into my fresh new BRIDES magazine. As I snuggled up to the latest August/September issue, a couple of articles caught my attention. One being this full spread of these awesome non-traditional wedding bands! (Oh! I can't wait for mine to come in from Ila & I! . . . Just another week I hope!) By the way, I think Ila & I should be included in this gorgeous stack!


While BRIDES shares their "Do's and Don'ts of Band Buying", I'd like to share mine!


DO choose something you'll love forever.

DON'T go with trendy unless it's really you.

DO go with timeless but unique.

DON'T feel like your ring and band have to match (mine won't!) and don't be affraid to mix metals!

DO feel like you can choose a band that compliments your ring, not matches.

DON'T weld your rings together. (I personally don't like the "stiffness" this creates)

DO keep your rings separate. Let them be free on your finger to move around. This also gives you the option of wearing just one or the other!

DO look beyond the big players for your rings. We went to good in Beacon Hill. They have the most amazing independent, custom jewelry craftsmen. A must-go-to! And they were amazing to work with.

Please share your thoughts about non-traditional wedding bands!

x K