By this time I usually need a pick-me-up, a good stretch, a beautiful release. So I do my best to hit up Caitlyn Grahams 5:45p vinyasa flow Wednesday nights at Back Bay Yoga Studio and now Jake comes with me too! I love Caitlyn's style of teaching. She pushes the class to do things I know my body can handle (if I take it a little further) but her style is very approachable. It's consistent and I know what I am going to get from it. She doesn't take teaching too seriously, always makes class fun, but also reminds us what we can gain from our practice when we put in the work.

Tonight Caitlyn opened our practice by saying something along the lines of, "When you step out of your comfort zone, you give yourself room to grow." That stuck with me. Great for my practice but also great for life. She closed the practice by enlightening us that in yoga, we work hard, sweat, repeat and push for the pure joy and release of shavasana at the end of each practice. 

This week continues to show me the signs that this a journey. The blood, sweat and tears of life and career are completely worth it.  In many aspects of my life (career, relationships, love), if I take that step beyond what I'm confortable with I might find something really amazing and beautiful that will open opportunities and allow myself to grow. (No wonder shavasana is the best part.)

Check out her bod! One that I can only dream about.

Check out her bod! One that I can only dream about.

I also love Goldie Kaufenberg's hip hop yoga class. It's a faster flow (I get distracted in slower-pace classes), always challenging, I get to push the limits and I walk out feeling like I got a great work out. And I get to attempt (key word here) the craziest, coolest poses. She infuses fitness and some tidbit knowledge about the music, life and practice in her classes too. Goldie once said, "the breaths in the room should sound like the rhythm to a soundtrack." Yes, ma'am! Love it!

And If you are looking for a less intimidating practice, a body release or want to work on perfecting your poses, try my girl Cara Gilman's class. She just got featured in Caroline Earle's column on BostInno too! She's a doll and she's wonderful at making sure you give your body a little attention and praise by the end of her class!

My girlfriend just shared WELL + GOOD with me and I stumbled upon this piece: Advice yogi's live by!

Now this is the best part of being my own boss: yoga whenever I want.

Peace & yoga,