It's so fun to be able to say that! 

After I left the design firm at I had been at for 5 years, I wasn't sure about where I was going to set up shop or if I would try working from home. Admittedly, I didn't think much about the option of a shared office space. A month into being on my own, I needed a meeting room in a pinch when our scheduled meeting room (at the copywriter's space) was double booked.

The day before the meeting, I quickly searched for a room that I could rent and I found two clear options. Oficio had a room available and was in a great location for everyone attending. I called, booked, and the meeting went off without a hitch. Oh! And my client was a dairy farm that makes all their own so we had to have some ice cream at the meeting! Sure to be an odd request, I asked Oficio anyway if they would help me store some small-batch artisanal ice cream for the meeting and they did. Ice cream at any meeting is a great idea by the way.

I've been working at Oficio for almost a year now. I choose a plan that gives me flexibility and works well with my schedule. Working from home can be a distraction, not to mention cabin fever, but somedays I'm sourcing product, meeting clients or prepping for an event so their part-time plan is great. They are a short walk away and have been super nice. The space is quiet and well lit. This is sounding like an ad but it's all true and if you are thinking about it, I would go for it.

Going off on your own and running your own business is a challenge in itself. Oficio just makes it easy to make it happen.

Thanks guys for making me your first feature!